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About DreamPlanRepeat

Hey girl, heyyyy! Thank you so much for finding my little shop on the web - it means so much to me!
I've always been OBSESSED with making lists, having a plan for every thing, and hoarding stationery. Back-to-school shopping was better than Christmas morning. Fight me.
I've always been an introvert, so writing things out was my favorite 'me time' activity. I went on to be the first one to earn a college degree in 2009 with a BA in Finance and minor in Accounting. I love numbers; they're straight forward and don't change lol.
As much as I like to plan my days and find it very hard to deal with change, life threw me a curve ball and in mid-2012, my son Elijah was born :) A feisty one with bullhorns for lungs at 8lbs 6oz, his nickname 'Chunk' was the perfect fit.
But pregnancy was the easy part. His father and I split, I was back living at home, and my once high school room was quickly taken over by all things newborn. I was overwhelmed to say the least. I lived at home with my mom still, but help was scarce.
When it was time to return to work after only six weeks with him, my work/life/sleepless night balance was something I couldn't get right. Add in the new finances of being a single mom and I was near my breaking point. I had to come up with a way to pay for his nearly $1,000/month daycare and fast.
Enter the planner community.
I discovered the world of 'pretty planning' and planner shops in 2014 on Instagram and thought, "I can do that!" 
I started off using my love of Excel and designing my layouts with endless spreadsheets and funky fonts. I opened my Etsy shop in late 2015. It took a couple weeks before I got my first sale, but when I did... I cried.
Since that first sale, I've been able to afford my son's schooling, level up my design skills, add new products and planner accessories, start a YouTube channel, move out of my mom's house, and expand to this website! I still work a full-time day job as an accountant, but I dream of supporting myself fully with DPR one day soon!
So, thank you. Thank you for every order, every review, every burst of inspiration, and every word of encouragement. Even if you don't make a purchase today, thank you for hearing my story. Thank you for letting this mama dream.